How Do I Take Care of My Feet If I Have to Stand Up Most of the Day?

How Do I Take Care of My Feet If I Have to Stand Up Most of the Day?

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 8th Aug 2022

People who stand for four hours a day or more are at a higher risk of serious health issues, such as heart disease. Standing on your feet for several hours a day places strain on your physical health, and it starts with aches and pains in your feet. It can also translate to lower back pain as well.

How can I take care of my feet if I'm on them all day long? To reduce some of the negative effects of standing all day, there are a few things you can do. Some of those things are listed in the guide below.

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Wear Compression Socks

Compression socks and hosiery help with circulation and  relief of foot and leg pain associated with standing on your feet all day. Although compression socks might not have been the most fashionable in the past, today you can find compression socks and hosiery made of thin material in a variety of designs and patterns.

There are options for men and women and something for everyone's style. If you need help deciding what kind of compression socks are right for you, check out our guide to choosing the right compression socks.

Jeba Knee-High Compression Socks Damask Pattern Unisex

Wear Therapeutic Shoes

Wear orthopedic and therapeutic shoes and boots in place of your current work shoes. Orthopedic and therapeutic shoes are designed to ensure comfort, support and protection for your feet all day long. Wearing the right type of shoes will prevent foot pain and keep your feet healthy.

Thankfully, there are many great options for women and men for therapeutic shoes as well. If you've never bought therapeutic shoes, read our guide to avoiding the most common mistakes when buying therapeutic shoes.

Elevate Your Feet During Your Break

Whenever you have a short break or two at work, make sure you take the time to elevate your feet. You only need 10-15 minutes of elevation time to make your feet feel better. Each time you have a break, place your feet up on a chair beside you to help with circulation.

It's also ideal to elevate your feet once arriving home from work and right before bed.

feet of man wearing Christmas socks and resting

Stand on an Ergonomic Floor Mat

Creating an ergonomic workspace is essential, especially if you work many hours a day. Be sure to invest in an ergonomic desk, chair and floor mat. These mats help support your feet when both standing and sitting while at work.

Not only will you have more support, but your feet will feel more comfortable as well.

Walk Around When Possible

Whenever you're able to leave your desk and walk around, do so. If you can complete your work without having to stand in one place all day, then get up and move around. You can even march in place if you have no other option.

These are all good ways to help improve circulation.

How Can I Take Care of My Feet?

If you constantly stop to wonder, "how can I take care of my feet when I stand on them all day," then we hope this guide was able to provide you with some helpful tips. Keep all of the information listed above in mind and then browse through our collection of therapeutic and orthopedic shoes for both men and women.

There's a shoe, boot and style for everyone!