Buying Therapeutic Shoes: Avoiding Common Mistakes

Buying Therapeutic Shoes: Avoiding Common Mistakes

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 2nd Mar 2023

Nothing is quite as pleasurable as taking off a pair of uncomfortable shoes when you've been on your feet all day. But that same sense of relief is also a reminder that, yes, perhaps we need to invest in a proper pair of comfortable shoes.

Therapeutic shoes offer your feet the comfort and support they need, and the right pair will allow you to forget your step count for that day.

But before you start shopping, read on to discover the common mistakes people make when buying therapeutic shoes.

Missing Measurements

Measuring foot with Brannock Device

One of the benefits of therapeutic shoes is comfort, but you'll only get that right if they fit correctly. A common mistake with shoes is buying in a size that doesn't fit perfectly. And poorly sized shoes are also a primary cause of foot pain or ankle injury.

You must avoid choosing based on shoe sizes to get the most from your therapeutic shoe purchase and instead go for measurements.

The easiest way to measure your feet is to use the Brannock device. This measuring tool has been around for nearly 100 years, but it's still highly effective!

Not Checking the Manufacturing Quality

Always buy therapeutic shoes from a reputable retailer like ours, where you can rely on the quality of the shoes.

Poorly made therapeutic shoes could harm your feet unnecessarily, so you should always do some basic checks to ensure the manufacturing standard.

Look for any manufacturer's stamp to show where the shoe was made, and check the quality of the material. Watch for any wear in the shoe, and inspect the seams and the stitching. And reading online reviews is always a good idea.

Think About the Purpose

Couple outside on running with woman wearing Women's Lace Walking Shoe - X Last - Black

A therapeutic pair of shoes for walking is different than one for wearing around the house. So always think about how you'll use that pair of shoes when buying them.

Outdoor shoes need proper, waterproof soles. For activewear, you should opt for sneakers which will provide the support and cushioning you need for your feet.

If you intend to wear the shoes daily, make sure you buy hard-wearing designs, like leather, which will withstand plenty of wear and tear.

For more specialist shoes, like shoes for arthritis, always reach out to an expert, like our shoe advisor. They'll be able to advise you on the correct sizing, fitting, and style of shoe you need.

Not Setting a Budget

Therapeutic shoes are like any other type - they vary considerably in price. So always know what you're prepared to spend before shopping for the right pair. A budget will help when comparing shoe prices.

However, don't use that as a reason to try and budget too strictly because you don't want to go for the lowest-priced pair and compromise on quality. You must focus on manufacturing quality, comfort, and durability with a therapeutic pair of shoes.

Buying Therapeutic Shoes: Next Steps

If you're active and have a busy life, it's easy to forget about your feet. But they deserve the same comfort and care as the rest of your body.

When buying therapeutic shoes, make sure you first do your research and avoid these common mistakes.

And remember to browse our selection to help you discover your perfect fit. You can do that now by heading to this product page