Insoles for Men

When it comes to diabetic foot pain, staying active and productive can be challenging. APEX recognizes this struggle and is committed to delivering men’s orthotic and conform prefabricated insoles that help relieve pain from diabetes, arthritis, and other conditions.

Designed to provide an added layer of support, stability, balance, and comfort to your shoes, our men’s orthotic and conform prefabricated insoles provides just the right amount of support in the areas with the greatest amount of pressure. So whether you feel pain in your heels, arches, or the balls of your feet, these inserts can help disperse that stress and provide relief.

We offer men’s orthotic insoles and conform insoles for all types of footwear including walking shoes, athletic shoes, boots, home slippers, and more, so you can experience endless comfort no matter where you are. Choose the right inserts for your needs.