If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your order, you may return your merchandise within 30 days from the date of delivery. No exchanges. Shipping charges are non-refundable. 

Please return merchandise, including all laces and inserts, in its original box and include the completed return authorization slip, noting the reason for your return.  Conform inserts must be in original condition (not cut or altered) in order to be returned. 

Please allow two weeks for your return to be processed. You will receive an email when your return has been processed. A credit should appear on your order's initial payment method within two billing cycles.

Simple errors or oversights can lead to a delay of your refund. Failure to include basic information in the return can influence the delay. We understand your refund is very important, and we are working to process this return as quickly as possible. Returns are not processed on weekends. 

Please note that refunds are not offered for merchandise returned after the 30-day period. 

Also, make a copy of your tracking information. We are not liable for lost returns.

Warranty: Apex warrants that, upon delivery, goods will be free from defects in material and workmanship under proper care and normal use. Goods shall be considered “defective” if the defect materially impairs the value of the goods for their intended use to the customer. Apex further warrants that all goods and services will be produced and furnished in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

If you believe your item(s) may be defective, please call 1-800-252-2739 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, for further evaluation and instruction on returning potentially defective merchandise.

Returns - Step 1

Step 1:

  • On the packing slip: Look for a 5 digit number under 'Purchase Order'
Returns - Step 2

Step 2:

  • Print a return authorization packing slip and shipping lab
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Returns - Step 3  

Step 3:

  • Please return merchandise in the original box, if possible, and ensure that all accessories are included (laces, inserts, etc.)
  • Don’t forget to include your packing slip inside the box and affix the shipping label to the outside of the box.
  • Please make note of the tracking number for your package in case you have to contact us about your return shipment.
Returns - Step 4  

Step 4:

  • Drop off your package with any authorized FedEx store or drop box or hand to a FedEx driver.