The Most Common Fall Foot Conditions

The Most Common Fall Foot Conditions

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 7th Oct 2022

Did you know that over half of American adults have chronic health issues? Even if you've been fortunate to avoid problems, it's smart to be aware of seasonal conditions that could become disruptive. And you might be surprised to learn that your feet can experience problems when the weather turns colder.

Keep reading to learn about the most common foot conditions you could experience in autumn!

Expect Blisters

When cooler weather rolls into town, you'll probably be reaching for loafers, lace-up shoes, and boots. And when you haven't worn these shoes in a while, your feet may pay the price in the form of blisters.

Blisters occur when the skin on your feet hits the inside material of your shoe. The friction from the contact can result in fluid-filled pockets of skin. If your shoes cause blisters frequently, it's time to upgrade what you're wearing. 

Person Putting Bandage on Friction Blister

Know About Plantar Fasciitis 

With plantar fasciitis, you can experience debilitating pain in your feet due to swollen tissue. Your feet may feel swollen or you'll feel a burning sensation.

This painful condition, also called joggers' heel, can cause problems when you're out on a hike or neighborhood walk. Aim to find comfortable footwear that provides flexibility and arch support.

Woman Hands Massage to Her Foot on Yoga Mat at Home, Feet Soles Massage for Plantar Fasciitis

Watch for Sesamoiditis

Sesamoiditis refers to injuries around the sesamoid bones under your feet. And when it comes to common foot conditions during autumn, this is a big one.

If you're involved in sports that require sharp movements, you may wind up with a sesamoid injury known as turf toe. This could stem from participating in fall sports like football or soccer.

With turf toe, you'll have pain related to the area around your big toe. For instance, if you're trying to pivot while carrying a football, you may extend your big toe past its comfort zone. This aggravates the tissue and joints in that area, leading to pain.

Young Adults Playing Football in Park - A Potential Cause of Sesamoiditis or Turf Toe

Learn About Metatarsalgia

Have you ever felt a sharp pain in the ball of your foot? You may have experienced metatarsalgia, which is an inflammation around the big toe. 

This is one of the more common autumn foot conditions if you're moving around a lot on a trail or playing tag football. Avoid walking barefoot and give your feet cushioning to help ease the pain.

Close Up of Woman’s Foot Experiencing Pain in Ball of Foot

Address General Foot Pain Problems

Fall weather will make you want to head out on hikes and spend time outdoors. But you may experience soreness whenever your feet are carrying the load. In particular, pain can hit the ball of the foot and heel. 

As you age, you lose fat padding in these critical parts of your feet. Find footwear with adequate cushioning and give your feet a break from time to time!

Be Aware of Potential Foot Conditions

If you're aware of foot conditions you could encounter when the seasons change, you'll be able to take preventative action. Understand what sesamoiditis and plantar fasciitis are so you can find the right cushioning to support your feet. And take measures to ward off general foot pain and treat blisters. 

When you're ready to find more comfortable footwear to keep your feet healthy, contact us and we can help!