Holiday Foot Health Tips

Holiday Foot Health Tips

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 6th Dec 2022

The holidays are a busy time. There is so much to do that requires you to be on your feet for hours on end. Whether it be shopping for family and friends, dancing, cooking feasts, and baking a multitude of delicious treats. Not to mention the challenges the weather presents. Your foot health takes a back seat, but it doesn't have to. Here are some tips to help you stay on top of your foot health this season. 

Avoid Purine Rich Foods

Purine is an organic compound that can trigger painful gout attacks. Gout is a condition where uric acid buildups crystallize around a joint (usually the big toe), which can cause redness, swelling and tenderness. Foods and beverages to avoid include organ meats, red meat, red wine, shellfish and beer. Stay pain free this holiday season by limiting your intake of these purine rich substances. 

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Smart Shoe Choice

Be mindful of the shoes you wear when cuttin' a rug or doing some serious shopping. Always opt for comfort when you know you'll be on your feet for hours. Shoes like the  Paige Boot and Chelsea Boot provide optimal comfort while you run your errands. Narrow fitting shoes, high heels, and shoes you don't wear often can lead to serious foot pain, calluses, swelling and more when worn for long periods of time. Avoid all that by wearing shoes that fit your feet well in width, length and depth. To find your proper shoe size, visit our shoe sizing guide

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Exercise Caution in Snow & Ice

For those of you who live where it snows, it's no secret that ice can be treacherous. The slipperiness of it quickens the speed of a fall and allows the ankles to move in any direction, which can increase the severity of trauma. Be sure to pay extra attention to the path you're walking to prevent taking a tumble. If you do fall, assess any pain, swelling or bruising and take the necessary steps for recovery.

Person Walking On Snowy and Icey Road

Inspect Your Feet

Be proactive about your foot health and do an  at-home foot inspection regularly. If you experience pain or notice any problematic signs, it may be time to book an appointment with your doctor. Especially if you have diabetes. Issues that seem small and simplistic can rapidly progress into something bigger if medical care is delayed.

The impact foot health has on life is often underestimated and not taken seriously until it's too late. Next thing you know you're missing out on irreplaceable memories. Don't let that happen to you. Follow these tips and take care of your feet so you can make the most out of your holiday this year.

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