Get the Perfect Look with These Easter Trends

Get the Perfect Look with These Easter Trends

Posted by Tyler Gatlin on 30th Mar 2023

Spring is finally here! The weather is starting to warm up, flowers are starting to bloom and Easter is just a few days away, which can only mean one thing: getting all gussied up and spending time with family and friends. However you plan to spend your Easter weekend – whether it's at brunch, church or an egg hunt – we can help you put together a stunning, trendy outfit for the occasion.

The Classic Look: Pastels

Woman on light orange background wearing pastel dress

Pastels have always been the go-to color palette for spring, and when it comes to putting together an outfit for Easter, pastels make it easy since all pastel colors go together. But here’s the catch: as easy as it is to put together an outfit of pastels, it’s just as easy to overdo. A pastel skirt, blouse and handbag may be color coordinated, but it may also look as busy as a basket of dyed Easter eggs.

That’s why it’s important to balance out pastel colors with neutral ones like gray, beige, cream or coffee. An easy way to add balance is through footwear and accessories. A comfortable pair of shoes like the Linda from our Petals collection is a great match for pastels and will be comfy enough to wear at any Easter event. Next, simply add a leather belt and bag to complete this classic look!

The Dressed-Up Look: Floral Prints

Woman on yellow background wearing floral-print dress

If we were ranking iconic Easter styles, floral prints would probably come in second, right on the heels of pastels. But what distinguishes floral prints from pastels is their ability to elevate any outfit. You can easily dress up your favorite pair of jeans with a floral blouse and head to the Easter egg hunt in style. Or, for more formal occasions, you can add a floral skirt to a simple blouse for a stylish look.

To complete the outfit, use neutral colored footwear and accessories – after all, we’re using floral as the centerpiece and don’t want to detract from it. The Lisa, available in black, is an ideal choice of footwear to pair with floral prints because they’re as dressed-up as they are comfortable.

The Unconventional Look: Lace and Denim

Woman on white background wearing lace dress and denim jacket

Mixing lace with denim may seem unconventional, but it makes for a fantastic spring look. It’s both casual and dressed up all at the same time, which can make it an ideal choice if your Easter plans include both brunch and church. Match a denim jacket with a lace dress or pair a lace top with your favorite jeans for a stylish look that you can wear anywhere.

Since this matchup will primarily involve a color palette of blues and whites, we recommend adding a comfortable pair of our pink Ellen shoes for a pop of spring color.

Easter is a great time to revamp your wardrobe. While putting together your outfit, don't forget to prioritize your footwear and foot health. At Apex Foot Health, we have many styles for both women and men, plus insoles and socks, so you won't only look great but you will also feel great throughout your Easter festivities.