6 Signs You Need A Wide Shoe Size

6 Signs You Need A Wide Shoe Size

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 23rd Feb 2023

Picking out the right size shoe can be challenging. Around 72% of people wear shoes that don't fit correctly. Wearing shoes that are the right width and length ensures that you don't suffer from pain or discomfort.

It can be challenging to determine if you should be wearing a wide shoe size. Many people don't realize that they should be wearing one. Their shoes might feel tight, but they could chalk it up to thinking that their shoes need to get broken in.

This guide will discuss the top five signs you need wide shoes. Don't walk through life feeling uncomfortable. Ensure you're purchasing the right shoe size and width for your foot.

1. You Have an Underlying Health Condition

Close up of swollen feet and legs

Certain health conditions make our feet more likely to expand and swell. These can include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney disease
  • Heart problems

These types of health conditions make it challenging for blood to flow to our feet. When we don't have efficient blood flow throughout our legs and feet, fluid will start to build up. There is even specially designed diabetic footwear that helps those suffering from the condition.

2. You Have Flat Feet

Flat foot is a genetic problem that can result in wide feet. It occurs when the foot's arches flatten as you put pressure on them. When you stand up, the entire sole on the bottom of your foot touches the floor.

Flat feet can be caused by:

  • Your arches not developing during childhood
  • An injury
  • Wear and tear due to age

Wearing wider shoes will be more comfortable if you have flat feet.

3. You Have Foot Deformities

Close up of men's feet with swollen deformed inflamed toe joint

Many foot deformities could require you to wear a wider shoe. These types of deformities can be present since you were born. They can also develop as you get older.

Some common deformities you might experience include:

  • Claw toe
  • Club foot
  • Hammertoe
  • Bunions
  • Calluses
  • Crossover toe

One of the benefits of a wide shoe size is that the wider toe box can eliminate or minimize your foot issues. Your toes will have more room instead of rubbing up against each other and your shoe.

4. Your Shoe Size Isn't Comfy

If you've found that the normal-width shoes you normally wear don't seem as comfy as they once were, then you may need to look for wider shoes to wear instead.

When your feet become wider, it can be very difficult to find shoes that fit you. Even if you try on shoes that are your size, they may seem very uncomfortable and could leave you wanting more.

If the shoes that are in your size don't fit you, you may simply need to grab a wider option.

5. Your Feet Are Discolored

Do your feet have a slight purple color at the end of the day? Are you noticing imprints of your feet on the inside of your shoe? Wearing wider shoes will solve that problem.

Shoving wide feet into an average or narrow-width shoe can cut off your blood circulation. You might experience serious and painful foot problems.

6. You're Pregnant

In addition to age-related conditions and health issues, pregnancy can also lead to wider feet as well.

As a result of becoming pregnant, ligaments may loosen in your feet and you may be retaining more water. You may need to switch to some wide shoes for women while you're pregnant.

In some cases, your feet will remain wide after your pregnancy as well, but this varies from individual to individual.

Feel Better During the Day With a Wide Shoe Size

Switching to a wide shoe size could solve a lot of discomfort and pain you experience while wearing your shoes. If you feel like you have to squeeze your foot into a pair of shoes, try experimenting with a wide shoe size. Experience the advantages of wide shoes.

Apex carries a wide range of shoes in various widths. Explore our online store of therapeutic and stylish shoes for men and women. Get in touch with us if you need help choosing a wide shoe size.