5 Spring Cleaning Tips for February: Getting a Head Start

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for February: Getting a Head Start

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 2nd Feb 2023

More than three-quarters of Americans complete some kind of spring cleaning each year. The process of deep cleaning while the weather gets warm and the sun shines longer is so satisfying.

But tackling all the cleaning tasks throughout your home can feel very overwhelming. The to-do list often seems never ending and the work feels too hard to even start. Luckily, this doesn't have to be the case. With a few careful steps, you can feel ready and prepared to tackle the job!

Follow these spring cleaning tips to make your home sparkle!

1. Create a Plan

Close up of woman writing a to do list

Before you even pull out the duster, you need to create a spring cleaning checklist and a plan to accomplish it all. Generally, there are a lot of tasks you'd like to complete outside of your regular house cleaning so it's a good idea to map it out. This list will keep you on track and make sure you get everything you want to be done.

2. Set Yourself Up For Success

Many spring cleaning ideas get a bad reputation because they seem way too intense and time-consuming. But this doesn't have to be the case when you have the right tools for the job.

Gather all of the supplies you'll need for the whole house first, including cleaning solutions and specialty tools so your job is easier.

Also, prepare your body for a little extra effort by making sure you have proper shoes that can support your feet.

3. Pace Yourself

Remember that not every job needs to be done within a couple of days. Spread your deep cleaning out so that you don't get too tired too fast. The better you pace yourself, the more likely you are to complete everything.

4. Declutter as You Go

Young woman sorting wardrobe indoors at home

A big benefit of spring cleaning is how easy it makes it to declutter areas of your home. Since you're already pulling everything out of cupboards and closets to clean, you might as well go through the stuff before putting it back.

Decluttering is the fastest way to make your home feel much cleaner and keep it that way. Only put back the things you truly love and are going to use!

5. Enjoy Your Progress

Don't forget to celebrate your progress and take time to enjoy the fresh, clean areas of your home!

Spring Cleaning Tips to Make Your Home Shine

Taking a little extra time to prepare yourself and follow these spring cleaning tips will help you see amazing results. Not only that, you'll actually get to enjoy the process instead of feeling overwhelmed from the start.

The key is making sure you're taking care of yourself and going at a pace you can keep up with. There's no reason to burn yourself out, or even worse injure yourself, getting things a little extra cleaned before summer. Take it slow so you can be sure to finish everything you want!

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