5 Best Shoes for Diabetes

5 Best Shoes for Diabetes

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 17th Nov 2022

If you or a loved one has diabetes and struggle to find comfortable, Apex is here to help. We’ve put together our five best shoes for people with diabetes based on customer’s feedback. These five styles will help keep you feeling supported and comfortable all day long!

Comfort Features of Apex Shoes

Defense Against Foot Pain & Numbness

Apex Women's Knit Active Shoe Breeze - Pink showing different layers of Apex shoes.

Because polyneuropathy is the most common symptom of diabetes and prediabetes, excellence in manufacturing and materials are of critical importance. Polyneuropathy often causes numbness in the feet that makes it virtually impossible to feel the rubbing and related sores that cheaply-made shoes can cause. Those diabetic wounds can lead to infection and amputation.

Layers of Removable Depth

Close up of sole of Apex shoe.

Every pair of Apex shoes has a minimum of 5/16” and up to 1/2” of removeable depth in multiple layers. Removable depth ensures proper fit with orthotic inserts. We also feature more widths to better accommodate our diabetic customers' needs and ensure that they receive great fitting shoes for even the hardest-to-fit diabetic feet.

Special Materials & Features That Protect Feet

Close up of top of Apex shoe showcasing moisture-wicking lining.

Most Apex shoes feature a soft, moisture-wicking lining with non-exposed seams that helps keep feet comfortable, dry and safe from irritation. In addition, Apex ‘Active’ and ‘Casual’ footwear styles feature padding and contoured insoles that provide optimal support, cushioning and shock absorption – essential features in protecting and pampering diabetic feet.

Durable, Roomy and Soothing

Close up of shoes while woman is walking outside on foot path.

Apex diabetic shoes incorporate reinforced shanks for rearfoot stability. Built with toe boxes that are higher, wider and reinforced, Apex provides wiggle room diabetic feet. to avoid rubbing and dangerous irritation while still providing a feeling of gentle cradling within a firm foundation.

Lace Walking Shoe – Black

Men's Lace Walking Shoe - Black

Cost: $155.00 (Available in shoe sizes 6.5M-15M and 4.5W-13W)


The Lace Walking Shoe – Black is a fan favorite with so many comfort features built-in! We recommend these shoes for someone with a moderate to excessive amount of overpronation when they run or walk.


  • 5/16” removable depth in two layers for fitting flexibility
  • Firm heel counter for optimal rearfoot control
  • Moisture-wicking polyester, antimicrobial mesh linings
  • Breathable, open air mesh and leather upper
  • Multi-density midsole with reinforced shank for torsional rigidity
  • Rubber outsole for traction & stability
  • Soft padded collars
  • X-Last for moderate to excessive overpronation

This fully customizable shoe will help keep your foot in a neutral position during each step while providing long lasting comfort.

Trail Runner Active Shoe

Sierra Trail Runners

Cost: $155.00 (Available in shoe sizes 6.5M-15M and 4.5W-13W)


Reach the highest peaks with the Trail Runner Active shoe. Built with Apex’s V Last technology, this shoe provides a supporting shank that keeps the foot in a neutral position during each step.


  • V-Last for mild to moderate overpronation
  • 2 removable layers provide fitting flexibility
  • Multi-density midsole with supporting EGX footbridge
  • Medial support pod minimizes over-pronation
  • SmartMask™ toe guard and external heel counter
  • Nylon Cordura™ uppers with nubuck leather
  • Scotchguard™ protection for water resistance

Available in Sierra Brown for both men and women, Sierra Gray/Blue for men and Sierra Gray/Purple for women.

Women’s Ellen Casual Shoe

Women's Ellen Casual Shoe - Navy Canvas

Cost: $115.95 ( Available in shoe sizes 5W-13W)


Looking for a Light, fashion-forward sneaker? With a slip-resistant sole made from injected EVA the  Ellen Casual Shoe delivers the necessary safety and protection without the added weight.


  • 5/16” in removable depth for extra depth and the ability to use orthotic inserts.
  • Firm heel counter for optimal rear foot stabilization
  • Moisture wicking polyester, antimicrobial mesh lining
  • SATRA tested slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Full grain leather and canvas uppers
  • Soft padded collars

As a canvas sneaker, these are the perfect choice for those looking for a casual shoe who need superior support and adjustability.

Men's Hudson - Chukka Boot

Men's Hudson - Chukka Boot - Brown

Cost: 184.95 ( Available in shoe sizes 7M-14M)


These aren’t your run-of-the-mill chukka boots – they’re so much more. The Hudson Chukka Boot combines the rugged reliability, handsome style and the comfort and support that’s every Apex shoe provides.


  • Luxurious full-grain, oiled leather upper
  • Polyurethane lug outsole for cushioning, traction, and stability
  • Breathable, open-air, moisture wicking, polyester mesh lining
  • An advanced EVA performance insole for maximum comfort
  • 1/4” removable depth for perfect fit and to accommodate orthotic inserts
  • Approved for diabetic feet

Full-grain, oiled leather uppers are combined with an advanced EVA performance footbed and a rugged outsole to deliver a boot that will quickly become your go-to.

Women's Boss Runner Active Shoe - X-Last - Silver/Sea Blue

Women's Boss Runner Active Shoe - X-Last - Silver/Sea Blue

Cost: $155.00 ( Available in shoe sizes 4.5W-13W)


The most popular women’s shoe in 2022, the Boss Runner Active Shoe is made to keep you on your feet all day without compromising comfort.


  • X-Last for moderate to excessive overpronation
  • 5/16" removable depth in 2 layers for fitting flexibility
  • Carboplast footbridge for motion control and stability
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole for increased traction
  • Qualifies for A5500

Built to the highest standards, this shoe supports and protect diabetic feet.

DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this guide is to promote broad consumer understanding and knowledge of diabetes. This guide is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease nor should statements be construed as medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider should you have specific questions regarding the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition.