A-Wave Orthotic Support Insole Unisex

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The A-Wave Orthotic Shoe Insert, available in three levels of support, allows you to effortlessly customize the comfort and arch support of your favorite pair of shoes.

A-Wave Styles

The A-Wave Orthotic Shoe Insert is designed to provide an added layer of support, stability, balance and comfort to your shoes that is customized to your arch height. With three levels of support – Flex for high arches, Firm for medium arches and XFirm for low arches – you can use the A-Wave to quickly and effortlessly transform almost any pair of shoes into customized, comfortable and supportive pair of shoes. Utilizing a proprietary blend of thermoplastic resins, along with performance memory foam and supportive gels, the A-Wave works by supporting the arches so that the foot can do its job in the most biomechanically efficient and pain-free way possible as you move about.

About Apex

Apex Foot Health has been in business since 1946, offering premium products that help people enjoy a life of independence and freedom from pain. After leading the charge in designing and manufacturing orthotic shoe inserts in our early years, we applied our knowledge of foot health to designing and manufacturing therapeutic and diabetic shoes in 1971. Since that time, we have continued developing our approach to foot health, incorporating the latest materials and technologies in every product we offer.

We believe that helping others stay healthy and active is a responsibility that must be taken seriously. That’s why all our footwear, socks, compression hosiery and orthotic inserts are designed and manufactured – from start to finish – in consultation with foot health experts, pedorthists and doctors.


 Available in three levels of support: Flex, Firm and XFirm

  • Flex is ideal for medium to high arches.
  • Firm is ideal for all arch types.
  • XFirm is ideal for low to medium arches.
  • Made with a proprietary blend of thermoplastic resins, memory foam, and gels.