What Causes Ball of Foot Pain?

What Causes Ball of Foot Pain?

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 26th Jun 2023

At some point in their life, 87% of people experience foot pain. Ball of foot pain doesn't just hurt in the moment and stay isolated. It can cause pain in other areas of the body and ultimately affect the way you live your life.

This issue can cause you not to want to walk, exercise, or participate in the things that you love but luckily, it can be addressed with the right steps. Keep reading to learn exactly what causes your ball of foot pain and how to combat it.

Excessive Exercise

Closeup of man experiencing ball of foot pain due to running

Yes, exercise is a healthy lifestyle choice but there is such a thing as too much. During workouts like running or things that involve excessive jumping, your feet are absorbing a lot of force. High-impact sports means your body now has to compensate for at least ten times its body weight so always wear support-driven footwear and don't overdo it.

Arthritis Can Factor Into it

Chances are, you've heard of something called 'metatarsalgia'. If not, it's a blanket term that means pain or some type of tenderness but it's often used interchangeably to represent arthritis.

They aren't exactly the same thing and this term represents pain caused by an actual underlying condition...like misaligned toes which is often seen in arthritis. Arthritis itself is joint inflammation and this can cause that ball of foot pain you might be agonizing over.

Unfortunately, there isn't a cure for arthritis as of yet and while we can be hopeful, you might benefit from some treatment methods that have been shown to work. Things like hydrotherapy and acupuncture are great solutions for this condition. Medications and physical therapy are effective as well.

Shoes That Are Too Tight or Too Loose

woman experiencing ball of foot pain due to high heels

If you have foot pain, chances are you're a close friend to 'swelling' and 'unwanted aches and pain'. If your shoes are too tight or even too loose, this could be the culprit. If the ball of your foot is continuously compressed from tight shoes, this will trigger inflammation, and that inflammation is where the pain comes from.

If your shoes are too loose, this can cause stress on your feet as well. Keep in mind though, your legs, hips, and even your spine will suffer down the line. Ensure you get shoes that are comfortable, the right size, and that give you enough support.

Rapid Weight Gain

More weight means more pressure on your feet. If you gain weight too rapidly, you're putting disproportionate weight on your body, which will cause stress. You can combat this by enhancing your foot care in conjunction with healthy lifestyle choices and regular (not excessive) exercise.

Relief for Ball of Foot Pain Starts With the Right Step; Literally

Ball of foot pain can be caused by a number of things. Keep in mind that your feet support your body weight and this means that you need to also support your feet. Elevating your feet when sore, addressing inflammation and numbness when it occurs, and ridding your closet of unsupportive footwear is a good start.

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