Understanding Wide Shoe Sizes: What Are They?

Understanding Wide Shoe Sizes: What Are They?

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 7th Apr 2022

Millions of people across the country have wide feet. With it being such a common characteristic, knowing how to select wide shoes should be common knowledge.

In reality, understanding your correct shoe size is difficult, even without adding wide shoe sizes to the equation. Not only are there multiple sizes that include letters and numbers, but different companies all have slight differences in their sizing, making the process confusing.

When it comes to shoe sizing, you may have some questions. What is shoe width? How do you know if you need wider shoes? And how do you find your correct size?

Here's a guide to help you choose shoes that fit a wide foot.

What Are Wide Shoe Sizes?

A wide shoe is a shoe that has the same length as a normal shoe size but a wider area around the forefoot.

It's common for people to try on a pair of standard-sized shoes and have the length fit well but feel their feet feel scrunched or pinched on the sides. Many times they will size up, giving the sides of their feet more room while making the length of the shoe longer.

Sizing up may make the sides of your feet feel better, but wearing shoes that are too long for you can lead to blisters and an uncomfortable fit. Instead of going up a full size, opt for a wide version of that shoe.

With the proper wide shoe size, the length will be just right, and your full foot will be able to sit flat in the shoe instead of feeling squeezed on the sides.

How Is Shoe Width Measured?

Breakdown of Shoe Widths at Apex

How a shoe is labeled will depend on the brand or manufacturer. Generally, most shoes either have letters (like A, B, D, and E) or labels like Narrow, Standard, or Wide to show their width.

Shoes with the letter width 'A' are quite narrow. A 'B' width is considered the normal (Standard/Medium) size for women but can be narrow for men, and 'C' width shoes are the classic Standard. A 'D' width fits most men and is considered their Standard/Medium, but for women is a wider fit.

'E' sizes are wide sizes for both men and women. There are many variations of an E-width shoe. For example, an EE vs. E, or 10E vs. 7E

If you're not sure what your shoe size is, or you're finding shoe width letters confusing, trying on a few pairs of shoes is a good way to figure out your sizing. A shoe widths chart can also be found online, making it easier to understand your wide shoe size. Many resources show you how to measure shoe width yourself as well.

Find Shoes That Fit Well

Finding shoes that fit your feet comfortably and properly is a priority. As you age, your feet change along with you, making it important to recognize when shoes you're currently wearing aren't feeling right so you can make a change.

At Apex, we put our customers' needs first. If you're looking for comfortable shoes you can rely on, or you have questions about wide shoe sizes, we're here to help you.