Travel Guide: Sore Feet Remedies

Travel Guide: Sore Feet Remedies

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 1st Jun 2023

Ready for some fun in the sun? If you're prone to foot pain, there's nothing worse than finding yourself missing out on all the fun from a sore foot.

The feet are one of the hardest working parts of the body and are easily neglected until there's a problem. Even the smallest of injuries to the foot can make a casual walk unbearable.

So, avoid cutting a long-awaited vacation short with these sore feet remedies in our travel guide:

Preparing for a Vacation

Woman packing for vacation

Smart traveling begins with smart packing, and thinking about the type of activities that you'll be doing will help you pick the right shoes. More often than not, ill-fitting shoes are one of the top causes of foot pain.

For general city breaks and sightseeing, some comfortable lightweight sneakers should do the job. For the adventurous traveler, hiking shoes are essential to see you through rough terrain, tough weather conditions, and long walking hours.

Beach holidays aren't complete without some flip-flops, but unfortunately, they don't provide the feet with much support. To avoid foot pain, avoid walking for long periods in flip-flops.

Make sure that shoes fit properly with insoles, they can prevent blisters from chafing and they will add an extra layer of cushioning for the soles of the feet.

It might be worth visiting a podiatrist before a vacation, especially if you suffer from the occasional foot problem. Recurring issues such as Plantar fasciitis or spurs can be made worse from activities whilst on vacation.

New shoes should be broken in before a trip. Do this by wearing them little and often with socks or using a shoe stretcher to help with loosening things up, your feet will thank you for this.

Travel Tips

People sitting on airplane

Long flying hours and cramped seating on aircraft often mean sitting still for long periods. This can cause swollen feet and shoes that feel uncomfortable to wear from the tightness. To prevent this, try getting up and walking around at least once every hour to get the blood moving.

Don't forget to stay hydrated, as planes are notorious for being extremely dry from the air-conditioning.

Deep vein thrombosis is one of the more serious conditions that can develop from sitting for extended periods on a plane. Risk factors such as older age, obesity, and a family history of blood clots can put you at a higher risk of developing DVT.

Again, moving around regularly during the flight, elevating the legs, wearing compression stockings, and being aware of the signs and symptoms of DVT can help you travel more safely.

Sore Feet Remedies

Even the most prepared traveler can find themselves at the mercy of an unexpected blister. Keeping a small first aid kit with some foot care essentials might just save you halfway through a mountain expedition. Here are some essential items for foot pain treatment:

  • Nail clippers
  • Bandages
  • Antiseptic ointment
  • Band-aids
  • Blister moleskin
  • Needle

Prevention Is the Best Remedy

Preparing your feet before a vacation can decrease your chances of developing sore feet later on. If your plans involve trekking, then acclimatize gradually with regular exercises and daily walking. General footcare like trimming toenails, removing rough skin, and moisturizing can also make a huge difference.

Hopefully, you have found this list of sore feet remedies useful.

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