Tapering Toe Boxes: What To Know

Tapering Toe Boxes: What To Know

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 20th Oct 2022

Do you believe that it's normal for your feet to hurt after being on it all day? Well, it's not, no matter how old you are. Even so, 75% of Americans will experience foot troubles of some severity or another at some point in their lives.

One of the major causes of these foot problems is the tapering toe boxes that pervade the modern shoe market. It can cause your big toe to curve inward and for all your other toes to be squished together. Let's read on to find out more about tapered toe shoes and why you need to stay away from this style of shoe from now onwards.

What Are Tapering Toe Boxes?

If you've ever observed a baby's foot, you will notice that its toe end is wider than the heel end. And a baby has lots of space in between its toes.

Woman Suffering From Pain Due to Wearing Shoes With Heels

But as we squish our baby's feet and our own, into triangular shoes, with the toe end being pointed and tapered, and the heel end being wider, we end up with big toes that curve inward and foot troubles of all kinds. Some of these would be:

  • Bunions
  • Deformed toes
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Blisters
  • Corns
  • Hammertoes
  • Back and leg pain
  • Altered gait
  • Fungal issues

Most shoes on the market nowadays have tapering toe boxes, that is, a triangular shape with the pointy end facing towards the toes and the wider end towards the back. Just because this shoe shape dominates the market, doesn't mean that it's good for your feet.

The best shoe shape for the optimal health of your foot is a foot-shaped shoe, wider in the front than in the back.

How to Straighten Toes Naturally

Start wearing foot-shaped shoes asap, where your toes aren't squished together, your big toe doesn't curve inward, and there's enough space for all your toes to rest flat and naturally. Also, try to find shoes where the insoles are removable, which will also help you generate more space in the shoe for all your toes.

You could also try wearing a minimal shoe that won't manipulate your toes at all.

Of course, you could also try walking barefoot as much as possible, especially on grass surfaces, so your foot gets used to walking without ill-fitting and tapering toe shoes.

Walking Barefoot on the Grass

Even if it takes you a bit of time to get used to wearing wider-toed shoes, it's worth it as a lot of your foot troubles will dissipate as your toes have enough space to relax.

Get Help to Improve Your Foot Health

Tapering toe boxes have taken over the modern shoe market, but that doesn't mean that they are good for you.

If you are having a hard time finding orthopedic or therapeutic shoes or boots that are wide and give your toes enough space to rest, check out Apex Foot Health today. We have many wide and extra wide shoes and boots in our collection for both men and women. You also don't need to sacrifice style or value for comfort.