Mild, Moderate or More: 5 Best Walking Sneakers for Overpronation

Mild, Moderate or More: 5 Best Walking Sneakers for Overpronation

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 8th Aug 2022

According to a recent study, approximately 70% of the population has feet that are abnormal in some way. Of that percentage, 95% of people suffer from overpronation.

A normal foot rolls out and then in when you walk, absorbing the shock of striking the ground. But an overpronating foot rolls in too much. This can cause heel spurs, bunions, hip and lower back pain, and even shin splints.

If you suffer from an overprinting foot, you know that having the right walking sneakers for overpronation is a must. Let's take a look at some of the best ones on the market.

Apex Lace Walkers

Apex Lace Walkers offer both comfort and flexibility. They are made to prevent injuries for people with moderate to excessive overpronation. They provide midfoot and rearfoot stability and shock attenuation.

Men's Lace Walking Shoe - Black

Apex Strap Walkers

Instead of laces, Apex Strap Walkers use an adjustable hook-and-loop strap, allowing you to slip them on and tighten them quickly. They feature a carboplast footbridge, providing motion control and stability. They are to keep your foot in a neutral position while remaining comfortable.

In addition, these shoes are wide enough to accommodate orthotics and shoe modifications. They are also slip-resistant, with a rubber sole.

Women's Double Strap Walking Shoe-V Last

Apex Sierra Trail Runner

The Trail Runners have a firm heel counter, providing optimal rear-foot control. They're also made with a multi-density midsole for torsional rigidity. They're made of breathable mesh and a moisture-wicking polyester to keep your feet sweat-free.

Apex Sierra Trail Runner

The Sierra Trail Runner is designed for people with mild to moderate overpronation.

Apex Knit Sneakers

Apex Breeze and Bolt Athletic Knit Sneakers are designed for people with neutral to mild overpronation. They are crafted using a lightweight knit, padded tongue and collar, and an EVA midsole, providing comfort and stability.

Apex also makes natural wool knit shoes for overpronation. The wool aids in breathability and temperature regulation. Their versatility makes them great for runners or walkers and they can be worn year-round.

Men's Knit Active Shoe Bolt - Black

Apex Performance Athletic Sneaker

Comfort meets style in this, Apex's newest sneaker in the Apex Active Collection. Traction-oriented and lightweight, it's perfect everyday wear for the athletic walker.

Apex Performance Athletic Sneaker

The Performance Athletic Sneakers slip on and off of your feet with ease. They are supportive while still being stretchable for people with different foot structures. They have a rigid heel and a wide midsole for extra stability.

They are traction-oriented and use the same mesh as the Trail Runner to keep your feet moisture-free.

They are designed for people who suffer from moderate to excessive overpronation.

The Best Sneakers for Overpronation

Apex carries a variety of footwear and a large selection of sneakers for overpronation. They provide comfort, support, and breathability. This means that they are geared to giving athletic walkers the best and least painful exercising experience possible.

If you want to learn more about our footwear offerings and how to choose the right shoe, check out our other blog posts.