How Insoles Can Help Relieve Foot Pain

How Insoles Can Help Relieve Foot Pain

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 8th Aug 2022

If you want to avoid foot problems, it's important to find quality support for your feet. And with over 75% of Americans experiencing these problems, you're not alone. The solution to common foot problems may rest inside your shoes.

Keep reading to learn how shoe insoles can help prevent foot problems!

Person Walking Showing Pain Points for Ankle and Foot Pain

What Are the Types of Shoe Insoles?

Insoles are the pads in your shoes that your feet rest on—so they hold a lot of responsibility for making you feel comfortable. Since the insoles that come with your shoes are removable, it's possible to level up to better ones.

Orthotic inserts are the best options if you want more arch support or just a little bit of extra cushioning. A variety of these insoles can be found in our online store. Aim to choose ones that are sized appropriately for your shoes.

Orthotics can also be customizable. These correct more significant problems and usually require a doctor's prescription. If you've had ankle injuries or any chronic foot issues, orthotics might be right for you.

What Are the Benefits of Shoe Insoles?

The insoles already in your shoes tend to be thin and flimsy. So it's smart to upgrade your insoles for several reasons.

Insoles can help provide more shock resistance, which is critical for runners and other athletes who do load-bearing activities that put pressure on feet. You'll find that the balls of your feet and heels better after a tough workout.

Shoe insoles also can help keep your ankle secure, too. This is especially important if you've sustained any injuries in your life as your ankles may be more sensitive.

Insoles are known for improving foot flexibility since foot tissues tend to become inflamed over time. If you've noticed that the insides of your feet feel sore, insoles are a good bet.

Another benefit of insoles? They can give your shoes a longer life.

What To Do Next

If your foot problems are severe, it's smart to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist, a doctor specializing in foot problems. They can help you determine the level of care your feet need.

In most situations, a pair of insoles will last 6 months. Keep tabs on how your insoles are working and mark your calendars so you know when it's time to get a new pair.

Do some self-assessment and research, too, to know what qualities in a pair of insoles are most essential to you. Look at our available insole options and consider pairing them with some better-quality socks for optimal cushioning. And, of course, wear comfortable shoes!

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The Bottom Line

Upgrading your shoe insoles may provide the step forward toward healthier feet that you need. A new pair of insoles can help your feet feel cushioned and keep aches and pains at bay. You'll set yourself up for fewer foot issues down the road.

Contact us and we are happy to help you find the right solutions for your feet!