Don't Let Arthritis Trip You Up: The Apex Balance Shoe

Don't Let Arthritis Trip You Up: The Apex Balance Shoe

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 25th Mar 2020

Getting arthritis in feet and ankles is common as we age. What's not as common is developing rheumatoid arthritis, or RA as it's more well-known.

RA is different from osteoarthritis for reasons we're about to get in to. We'll also be discussing a popular piece of footwear that can help adjust to the issue and give you back your life and mobility. Let's dig in!

How Rheumatoid Arthritis Affects Balance

Osteoarthritis happens when there is a swelling around the joints. It commonly happens in areas like the hands and feet. But unlike osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) takes things a step further by causing wear and tear on the joints and surrounding muscles.

RA is when your immune system actually attacks the joint lining tissue. With that layer of protection gone, the joints grind together and can make bones like those you'll find in the hands and feet susceptible to deformities and breaks.

It's excruciating to live with, and when rheumatoid arthritis affects the feet, it can make it almost impossible to walk. Lose that, and it opens the door to a host of severe health problems. 

In fact, a  2013 study of adults with rheumatoid arthritis found there was an increased risk of falls in those suffering from RA. The condition's wear-and-tear on joints and the surrounding muscle are largely to blame.

Close up of person experiencing Rheumatoid Arthritis in Foot/Ankle

Common Treatment Options

There is no way to cure RA. However, there are some things you can do about it. Here are some of the most common:

  • Keep the joints warm
  • Avoid exercise during flareups
  • Eat anti-inflammatory foods
  • Eliminate stressors, like smoking, not getting enough rest and toxic relationships

That's all good advice, but what happens when the flareups inevitably occur? For that, we recommend a balance shoe. 

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What Is a Balance Shoe?

A balance shoe is specifically designed to stabilize and support arthritis on top of the foot, down below, and in the joints.  The Apex Balance Shoe is one of the most easily identifiable brands, and for the remainder of this article, we'll be giving you the quick hits on why that is. 

Women's Balance Shoe (ABS) Black

How the Apex Balance Shoe Covers the Bases

The Apex Balance Shoe has surged in sales for several reasons, most of them design-based. Let's take on each one.

Easy Entry

The Apex Balance Shoe allows the foot to gain easy entry to the shoe, so there is no undue pressure on an already aching foot. It does this with a heel counter loop and a firm and adjustable heel counter, as well as a wider tongue opening to receive the toes and ball of the foot.

Synthetic Leather Upper

The upper is composed of a lighter weight synthetic leather that puts less weight on the top of the foot. This especially is helpful for weak and sensitive joints like you'll find in cases of RA.

Low Heel for Better Posture

The lower heel, which follows a supportive midsole that helps with bilateral foot pain, offers additional support. Its main purpose is to improve posture for the wearer. 

Smooth Outer Sole

The outer sole is smooth and slightly raised. This prevents tripping, which, as you age and RA progresses, can potentially  lead to serious injury or even death.

Covered Under Diabetic Shoe Program

Last but certainly not least, the Apex Balance Shoe is covered under  Medicare's Therapeutic Shoe Program. This helps take a lot of the out-of-pocket costs down for seniors living on fixed incomes.

Don't Let Arthritis Trip You Up

If you've experienced rheumatoid arthritis in your feet and ankles, then you know what a serious issue it can be.

Fortunately, shoes like the Apex Balance Shoe are doing their part to give you back a semblance of your freedom and mobility. 

Get your pair of  Apex Balance Shoes today!