Women's Balance Shoe (ABS) Black

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The Apex Balance Shoe is designed specifically to reduce fall risk – the first of its kind on the market. Science-based* design features, like a low a profile heel that aids stability and posture, slip-resistant soles, and a smooth, angled toe that helps avoid stumbling and tripping, combine to help you restore your independence and get you wherever you need to go.

The Apex Balance Shoe is a revolutionary, science-based* approach to helping others live active and independent lifestyles. With a textured insole to provide sensory feedback for those with polyneuropathy, the Apex Balance Shoe is designed specifically to reduce fall risk. We also added high levels of comfort, stability and support, along with hook and loop closures to make sure these shoes will be a delight to wear. With these science-based features, you can be sure that the Apex Balance Shoe will keep you on your feet and take you wherever you need to go.


  • Low-profile heel for maximum postural stability
  • Slip-resistant sole that exceeds SATRA and Mark II standards for dry, wet and oily surfaces
  • Firm, supportive midsole
  • Lightweight yet durable construction
  • Textured insole to provide proprioceptive feedback to those with polyneuropathy
  • High heel collar for added support
  • Smooth outer sole with angled toe for trip avoidance
  • Heel contains convenient hook and loop closure to accommodate AFOs and other devices
  • Extended tongue opening for easy fitment of AFOs and other devices
  • Approved for Diabetic Feet

Fall Risk and Footwear*

There is a notable correlation between fall risk and footwear:

  • Inappropriate footwear has been identified as a contributor of up to 45% of falls.
  • A study of people who had suffered a fall-related hip fracture reported that 75% were wearing poor footwear at the time of injury.
  • Appropriate footwear has been identified as a preventative measure in reducing fall risk.
  • Footwear can improve balance.
  • Textured footbed provides proprioceptive sensory feedback for polyneuropathy.

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