5-Minute Yoga Foot Stretches for Aching Feet

5-Minute Yoga Foot Stretches for Aching Feet

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 11th May 2021

It's true that when thinking about the body, feet are the most underrecognized part. This is ironic because your feet do the most work by holding you up. As humans, it's only natural that we are constantly on our feet.

If you do a lot of exercising or walking, your feet can hold a lot of tension. In order to relieve the related aches and pains, it helps to do some yoga foot stretches. By stretching your feet daily you will feel so much better after a long day.

Are you interested in learning more? If so, continue reading to find out about 5-minute yoga foot stretches you can do in the comfort of your home!

Yogi Toes

Yogi toes is a wonderful foot stretch to do to release some tension in your feet after walking on them all day. This stretch will improve your balance while also showing some love to your toes. You can position yourself in a seated or standing pose.

After you're positioned, make sure to spread your toes as wide as you can and firmly press them to the ground. This pose will also feel amazing if you're the type that often has heel pain.

Yogi Toes

Ankle Pumps

Another great yoga stretch involves ankle pumps. This will give you foot pain relief while also providing more circulation. You can perform this exercise by either sitting down in a chair or laying down on the floor.

To do this yoga foot stretch successfully you must point and flex your foot repeatedly. This stretch is perfect if your feet are swollen because it helps your blood flow back to your heart.

Eversions and Inversions

This yoga foot stretch will be sure to loosen up your ankles. Inversions and eversions are very easy to do with your feet. You want to complete the stretch in a seated position.

To perform the inversion turn your feet toward each other. To complete the eversion turn them away from each other. Then simply repeat the stretch. This stretch will improve your agility and strength in your muscles.


The cat-cow stretch definitely kills two birds with one stone. In this pose, you can get a deep back stretch while also benefiting from a stretch in your toes too.

Allow your belly to drop in cow and at the same time tuck your toes for a stretch. When you transition into cat your back will round and you can untuck your toes so they become grounded down.

Starting position for Cat-Cow

Ending position for Cat-Cow

The Benefits of Yoga Foot Stretches

By reading this article you should now have a greater understanding of the different types of wonderful yoga foot stretches. You can't go wrong with a cat-cow, inversion, ankle pumps, or yogi toes. Try them all to see which ones give you the most foot pain relief!

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