3 Common Summer Foot Issues

3 Common Summer Foot Issues

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 22nd Aug 2022

Summer is the perfect time of year to kick off your runners and dip your toes in the water. But if you're struggling with embarrassing foot issues, the last thing you'll want to do is take your shoes off.

Keep reading our guide to find common summer foot issues and how to deal with them. You'll be reaching for the flip-flops in no time with our handy foot care tips.

1. Blisters

When you trade-in your winter boots for brand new sandals, you may get blisters. You can even get them while wearing your trusty worn-in flip-flops from last summer.

People spend an average of one to two hours outside during the summer. Walking is an excellent exercise, and the warmer weather is ideal for outdoor workouts. If you are upping your mileage this season, you could easily get a blister.

Prevention Tips

Plan ahead when you're leaving home for your summer activities. If you know you'll be doing a lot of walking, bring an extra pair of shoes. It doesn't hurt to have a pair of runners in your vehicle in case of a blister emergency.

Wearing the right type of socks during your walks or runs can prevent blisters, too. Opt for moisture-wicking materials to protect your feet.

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Treatment Tips

If you have a blister, cover it with a bandage. Don't put the dressing on too tightly, though.

Don't pop or drain your blister as it can lead to an infection.

Once the blister has drained on its own, keep the area clean and covered.

2. Swollen Feet

The warmer weather and humidity sometimes can cause heat swelling. You may find that the swelling is worse if you're sitting or standing too long in hot temperatures. This leads to excess fluids that accumulate in your feet, ankles, or even your lower legs.

Prevention Tips

Try to avoid letting your body overheat. Use cooling towels and increase your water intake to reduce fluid retention. You also might want to consider compression stockings to help decrease the swelling.

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Treatment Tips

Try soaking your feet in an ice bath for 10-15 minutes.

If you are outdoors with no access to an ice bath, elevate your legs and rest. You can also try going for a short walk or performing simple exercises.

3. Infections

Wearing open shoes like sandals may put you at risk for certain infections. Fungi thrive in warm and moist conditions, making your bare summer feet the perfect target.

Prevention Tips

Resist the urge to go barefoot anywhere in public. This includes places like the park, swimming pools, or even the beach. Potentially dangerous pathogens like hookworms, MRSA, and roundworms can live in the sand.

Consider protective shoes if you're prone to toenail fungus or athlete's foot.

Treatment Tips

You should speak to your podiatrist or doctor to find the best treatment for a foot infection.

Your Summer Foot Problems, Solved

Many of the most common summer foot problems can be solved by wearing the right shoes. Our feet care tips will help you ensure your summer is happy and healthy.

If you're still searching for the best shoes for your needs, we can help. There's no reason for you to hide away all summer because of your foot problems. We provide consumers with the most comfortable shoes to help them stay active.

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