Men's Biomechanical Lace-Up Work Boot - Black

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A hard-working boot designed to handle the demands of any job while limiting stress at the areas of the foot most susceptible to pain. High collar and seven-eyelet lacing adds a more secure, robust fit.

The Biomechanical Collection

Designed by a team of doctors and pedorthists, Apex Biomechanical Footwear offers relief from a variety of painful foot conditions. Each of the shoes and boots in this collection feature a shock-absorbing SmartGrip™ polyurethane and an EVA midsole that can be customized to provide additional pressure relief.

Recommended for those who have bunions, arthritis, diabetic feet, plantar fasciitis, or those who need removable insoles to accommodate orthotics inserts.


  • SmartGrip™ polyurethane soles for safety and stability
  • ½” removable depth in 3 layers for fitting flexibility
  • Genuine leather upper
  • EVA footbed
  • Soft leather linings for comfort and breathability
  • Approved for diabetic feet