Width: The Forgotten Element of Shoe Sizing

Width: The Forgotten Element of Shoe Sizing

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 21st Apr 2023

cording to a study in 2018, only around 30% of people wear shoes that are the size they actually need to wear.

You've heard many times throughout your life that wearing the wrong size shoes can harm your feet. While this is true, people forget that the width of their feet is just as important as their size, in length.

Your feet work hard for you every day, so taking care of them should be a priority.

Do you want to learn more about shoe sizing width and why it matters? If so, continue reading to find out what you need to know to keep your feet healthy and keep yourself mobile.

Is Width Factored Into Sizing?

Apex Foot Health's Sizing Chart

Width isn't part of the number size that you look at when you buy shoes. It is its own sizing chart that people often neglect to look at. You may not even know it exists!

In the United States, shoe widths actually come in a wide range. They are AAA, AA, A, B, C, D, E, EE, and EEE. The most narrow and most wide on this range also have sub-sizes to get the perfect fit.

Some shoe sizing charts for width use numbers in inches instead of letters to make it easier to understand.

Men and women don't have the same shoe width measurement chart either, so you'll need to use the one that corresponds to the shoes you want to wear.

A typical shoe that you find will have a medium width level because this is considered average. However, if you see a size that reads '12D' or '7AA,' then you will notice this is the shoe size and width shown together.

How to Find Your Foot Width

Close up of person measuring foot

To find your own foot width, you'll need to use a chart, as we mentioned previously. You can find these in shoe stores, or you can find your own online.

If you want the perfect shoe width sizes, you'll want to measure your foot each time you buy shoes. Your feet can change in shape as you get older, so getting an accurate reading is important.

You also will want to measure your feet at the end of the day if possible, since feet swell throughout the day. If you're able to try shoes on in-person, it is best to stand in them so that you can feel how they sit on the foot when you are moving.

Don't expect to be the same size and width in all shoe brands. Similarly, don't anticipate that a pair of shoes will stretch out as you break them in.

Always choose a shoe brand, like Apex, that values high-quality shoes and provides excellent customer service. That way, you know you are getting your money's worth and, if something is wrong, they will make it right.

Find Your Shoe Sizing Width

If you want to get a pair of shoes that fit you well without blowing your budget, we have options that suit your needs.

Whether you're gardening, walking, or playing a round of golf, wearing the right shoes is essential. We want to provide you with a pair of shoes that give you the independence to live your best life.

Your feet need support, and buying shoes with the right width will help you be more comfortable in your daily life.

Find the right shoe sizing width for you today. Check out our shop for some great deals on high-quality shoes today.