What is Overpronation of the Foot?

What is Overpronation of the Foot?

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 23rd May 2023

Are you one of the 87% of people that experiences foot pain? There are so many potential reasons that your feet may hurt, and one of them is overpronation of the foot.

But what is overpronation? Why does it happen, and what can you do to either prevent or soothe it? Let's talk about it.

Read on to learn all about overpronation.

What Is Overpronation of the Foot?

Difference between overpronation, pronation, neutral, supination, and oversupination

Overpronation of the foot is what happens when the way you walk or run, otherwise known as your gait, causes your arches to flatten. This, in turn, increases your chance of developing certain foot conditions as well as your chance of injury. It puts strain on the ligaments, tendons, and muscles that support your foot.

People who already have flatter feet are at a greater risk for overpronation of the foot. People who are pregnant or obese are also more likely to develop it, as are people who run long distances on hard surfaces (such as sidewalks).

Signs of Overpronation of the Foot

Woman feeling knee pain after running

There are many signs that you may have developed overpronation. The most noticeable one, if you're not experiencing pain or discomfort, is that the soles of your shoes are wearing unevenly. The inside section will be far more worn than the outside section.

You may develop heel pain or knee pain, especially during or after a long run. You can also develop pain in your back and hips.

Several conditions are associated with overpronation. Plantar fasciitis, bunions, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, and iliotibial band syndrome can all develop as a result of your overpronation.

Treatment and Prevention for Overpronation

Preventing overpronation starts with wearing well-fitting footwear. Your footwear should support your arches. This makes it more difficult for your feet to flatten.

You should also try to be more conscious of your gait. Try to ensure that you're distributing your weight equally across your foot, even while you're running.

When it comes to treatment, it depends on the severity of your overpronation.

Many people with minor overpronation can fix it with ice, rest, and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication to heal any related pain. You can also use supportive tape and orthotic footwear to support your arches.

In some cases, physical therapy may be necessary. A physical therapist can watch how you walk and run and help you with stretches and exercises that will improve your gait over time, and thus, improve your overpronation.

If you think you're dealing with overpronation of the foot, it's helpful to speak with a podiatrist who can assess the situation and suggest the right treatment for you.

Do You Have Overpronation of the Foot?

If you're experiencing pain and discomfort while walking, or shoes wearing unevenly, you may have overpronation of the foot. While it's not dangerous per se, it can lead to future problems, so it's best to talk to a podiatrist.

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