How to Wash Your Feet Properly

How to Wash Your Feet Properly

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 27th Jun 2023

Studies show that 75% of people have issues with their feet. Even though some foot problems come from exercise or skin conditions, not washing your feet can also cause discomfort.

Do you know how to wash your feet?

If not, then you've come to the right place. Keep reading to discover the best feet-washing tips!

How to Wash Your Feet the Right Way

Closeup of feet getting wet

When you jump in the shower or run yourself a bath, it's important to follow the correct feet-washing advice. It's not enough to just let the water run over your feet; you need to clean between your toes and the soles of your feet. This way, you'll be able to target all the corners of your feet.

As dirt can be caught between your toes, it's essential that you clean around the nails and under the toes so you don't have a buildup of bacteria that can lead to infections. A simple shower gel and hot water scrub will do the trick to clean your feet.

Use Moisturizer

Woman pumping moisture in hand

The next step after cleaning your feet is to moisturize the skin, so it stays hydrated and fresh. This is a vital part of your daily feet-washing guide.

You can either buy a foot cream online or at your local store, but a natural solution like coconut is also great for moisturizing your feet. Plus, you can start immediately and use coconut oil in your house!

Otherwise, you can treat yourself to a new product and moisturize your feet after your showers.

Keep Clean Shoes

There's no point washing your feet if you don't wear clean shoes. If you wear shoes that put too much pressure on your feet and prevent air circulation, it can also cause blisters and fungus. You should buy comfortable shoes that are your correct size.

Ideally, you want shoes made with flexible materials that allow air circulation. These designs will give you enough room for your toes and aren't too tight when walking.

It's also good to buy shoes for showering or going to public pools so the moisture doesn't get trapped in your regular daily trainers.

Avoid Wet Socks

Another tip for washing your feet is always wear clean socks when you get dressed. Knowing how to wash your feet also means wearing the right footwear, including socks. If you're planning an event where you're feet are going to get dirty and wet, like a hike or swimming in the summer, you need to pack extra socks.

That way, you can always keep your feet clean and avoid dry skin conditions and infections.

But first, you need to buy the perfect footwear.

Footwear to Keep Your Feet Clean and Healthy

We walk on our feet every day, which means you can't just wear any shoes; you need to give your feet support and lots of air circulation if you want to continue to enjoy brisk walks. Now that you know how to wash your feet, it's time to pick a new pair of comfortable shoes.

Our collection has everything from socks to diabetic footwear. Contact us here to find out more about placing an order for new footwear.