How to Buy Shoes as a Gift

How to Buy Shoes as a Gift

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 27th Oct 2022

What item in your closet gets the most wear? Is it your favorite sweater? Your winter coat?

In reality, shoes are the items that have the lowest cost per wear. Think about it, you probably alternate between the same few pairs of shoes on a daily basis!

Shoes make the ultimate gift because they're versatile, thoughtful, and everybody appreciates a good pair.

But, how do you go about buying shoes as a gift?

Read on to discover how to buy shoes for your loved ones this Holiday season!

Know Their Size

Your biggest hurdle in surprising your loved ones with shoes will be buying them the correct size.

Whether you're able to subtly coax this information out of them or if you need to sneak a look at their shoe collection, knowing what size they wear in one brand isn't the end-all-be-all.

Different brands and types of shoes may use different sizing. Therefore, make sure to look at a size guide when converting their shoe size. When in doubt, keep the receipt!

Woman looking at shoe for size.

Special Considerations

Consider the type of shoes that this person normally wears and if they have any special considerations. For example, if they have flat feet or bunions, they may appreciate shoes that accommodate their feet.

Giving the gift of relief and comfort will make you the favorite of the holiday season!

Time the Gift

If you're giving shoes in advance of a particular occasion such as a race or formal event, make sure you give them enough time to break the shoes in.

Do research into the brand of shoes to see if reviewers have left advice on how long the shoes will take to break in. Some shoes are ready immediately and some take weeks to be comfortable.

Man receiving running shoes from family.

Think About Personal Style

As with any personal gift, the success of the gift always comes down to how well you know the person you're buying for.

Think about their personality and what they would like. If they love fashion trends, look into what shoes are most popular at the moment.

If they're more practical, look into shoes with great durability.

Everyone wears shoes and there's a pair that can make anyone smile. All you need to do is find the pair that best suits the person you know!

Woman in organized walk-in closet with clothes and shoes.

When in Doubt, Buy Shoes

If you're in doubt about what to buy your loved ones as a gift, consider buying something that you know everyone uses and needs.

After all, you can never have too many shoes!

Whether your loved one is a connoisseur of style and has a robust shoe collection or whether they have been stubbornly refusing to replace the pair that's falling apart, giving shoes as a gift will certainly be appreciated.

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