How Can Proper Footwear Help With Your Hammer Toes?

How Can Proper Footwear Help With Your Hammer Toes?

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 27th Jun 2023

Over the years, studies have shown that up to 3% of American adults may have hammer toes. That's equivalent to right around 7 million people.

Hammer toes cause the middle joints in people's toes to bend unusually. More often than not, it's the second, third, and fourth toes that are hit hardest by this condition.

Wearing the proper footwear is one of the many steps you can take to stop hammer toes from taking too much of a toll on you. You should be able to continue to lead a healthy lifestyle as long as you select the right footwear options.

Here are several ways in which the proper footwear will promote healthy living in those with hammer toes.

Provide Your Feet With Enough Space

Closeup of man's foot experiencing pain from hammer toes

Oftentimes, those with hammer toes develop them because they wear sneakers and other shoes that are too tight. This forces people to squeeze their feet into their shoes and sometimes leads to their toes bending at unnatural angles.

After you've been diagnosed with hammer toes, you should provide your feet with the space they'll need to stretch out. You can alleviate a lot of pain by putting on the proper footwear for hammer toes.

Set Your Feet Up With Enough Support

Even though you might not realize it, each of your toes plays a key part in your being able to stand upright and maintain your balance. If you have hammer toes, it can throw off your stability completely and make you unsteady at times.

The proper footwear for hammer toes will set you up with plenty of support in all the right places so that you're able to stay sturdy. You won't have to worry about losing your balance and falling over because of your hammer toes.

Give Your Feet Enough Room to Avoid Irritation

Woman shopping while wearing Women's Performance Athletic Sneaker - Mint

If you put the wrong pair of shoes on when you have hammer toes, your toes might rub up against the tops and sides of them and cause irritation. It'll make it even more uncomfortable to walk around with hammer toes than it'll already be.

With the proper footwear, you won't need to be concerned about irritation setting in. Your hammer toes will have the room they need to steer clear of rubbing against the tops and sides of your shoes.

Pick Up the Proper Footwear for Hammer Toes

Are hammer toes making it hard for you to get around regularly? It's something you should discuss with your doctor.

You should also look into obtaining the proper footwear for those with hammer toes through a company like Apex Footwear. We can provide both men's and women's shoes that'll be perfect for people with hammer toes and other foot health issues like plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. Our shoes are also ideal for those with diabetes.

Shop around for the proper footwear for your hammer toes today, and pick out a pair that you'll enjoy wearing around.