Cold Feet and Toes: Causes, Treatments, and Solutions

Cold Feet and Toes: Causes, Treatments, and Solutions

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 6th Jan 2023

There's plenty of reasons why someone might experience cold and uncomfortable sensations in their feet. It could be  poor circulation, decreased metabolism, or a wealth of other possible issues.

Are you experiencing cold feet? It's important to take the time to understand the causes and potential solutions for this ailment. There are simple steps you may be able to take to remedy the discomfort you are dealing with.

Ready to learn more? Read on and we'll walk you through everything you need to know.

What Causes Cold Feet?

You might experience the uncomfortable sensation of cold feet, seemingly out of nowhere. What causes such a sensation to arrive? There are multiple possible reasons and the scenario for everyone will vary.

Poor circulation is one of the most common reasons for cold feet.

If your body has trouble keeping blood flowing to your feet at a regular rate, they will end up cooler than the rest of your body as a result. Circulation problems often arise from heart conditions. A weakened heart will have more trouble sending blood to far-off locations of the body.

These kinds of health issues are far too common in America and impact many. Smoking can cause poor circulation in the body as well. 

Maintaining a more active lifestyle can decrease the risk of heart problems and improve blood circulation. Additionally,  well-designed compression garments can improve circulation in the legs while reducing swelling, leg aches, pains and muscle fatigue.

Diseases and health issues such as diabetes , anemia, and hypothyroidism all might produce cold feet as well. It's important to investigate your general health if you continually experience cold feet.

If you experience any weight loss, sores, or increased pain you should see a medical professional right away. These might be signs that a more serious issue is developing.

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How to Treat Cold Feet?

What's the best way to resolve a problem with cold feet? The best solution will vary, as well, depending on each individual. A doctor might prescribe medications, such as calcium blockers, if they believe the problem is serious.

More likely, your doctor will encourage you to  exercise more regularly to increase blood circulation in your body. This exercise will be good for your health overall and help prevent heart diseases from developing.

There are small things you can do at home to increase your comfort as well. Wearing wool shoes can help to regulate the temperature in your feet and keep them more comfortable.

Wearing socks and indoor shoes around the house will protect your feet and your overall health. You should be sure to properly protect your feet when you exercise, whether you are in the home or out in the world.

Dealing With Cold Extremities

It's no fun to experience uncomfortable or cold feet. Often, cold feet are the result of poor circulation or other medical health problems. Exercising and taking extra care of your feet should help to lessen or resolve the issue.

Investing in wool shoes may aid in breathability, optimal comfort and temperature regulation. Shop our natural wool knit shoe collection now.

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