5 Reasons You Need Orthopedic Slippers This Winter

5 Reasons You Need Orthopedic Slippers This Winter

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 8th Aug 2022

Almost 8 out of 10 Americans have experienced foot pain. And with numbers like that, it's no wonder orthopedic shoes are skyrocketing in popularity!

They are specifically designed to accommodate the natural structure of the foot. As such, they work with the body, rather than against it.

Unlike most times, however, general outdoor orthopedic shoes aren't as essential to get you through a socially distanced winter. If you're spending most of your time at home, a real must-have is a great pair of Orthopedic slippers! Read on for 5 reasons why.

1. Get Arch Support

Slippers aren't usually known for their support. After all, no one goes out to run a marathon in slippers!

That's where orthopedic slippers are a cut above the rest. Apex Foot Health, for example, offers moccasin-style slippers, designed by foot specialists for ultimate comfort and arch support. They mold to your foot, and no matter how much you walk around your home, these slippers are built to take it.

If you're dealing with misalignment in your back, neck, or knees, the problem could be with your feet. Arch support helps correct misalignment, or in the best case, prevent it from happening in the first place!

2. Orthopedic Slippers Alleviate Foot Pain

Bunions, arthritis, hammer toes, diabetes... all these contribute to foot pain. So much weight is placed on your feet each day, and we often take these useful appendages for granted!

Pain isn't the real problem, though. Popping a few pain meds to alleviate foot pain won't take care of the root cause. Instead, giving your body the structural support and comfort it needs to heal itself is necessary.

Orthotic inserts, designed to correct and control the function of your feet, can be a great tool for supporting comfort and alignment. Adding these to a comfy pair of Orthopedic Moccasin-Style Slippers, designed to accommodate orthotics, with a removable fleece-lined footbed, adds the level of support you may find in a typical pair of outdoor shoes - all from the comfort of your own home!

3. Find The Perfect Fit

With a slip-on style, a removable fleece footbed, and a sole that provides more traction than any slipper needs, this is the ultimate slipper!

Many house shoes, orthopedic or otherwise, simply don't fit. This exacerbates issues by producing calluses and blisters, and lesions.

With 5/16" removable depth, and multiple width availability, these slippers are designed to customize and fit like a dream.

Benefits of Unisex Orthopedic Moccasin Slipper Camel

4. Improve Your Mobility

If you're dealing with foot pain, poor circulation, or diabetes, your mobility may be limited.

With nerve damage from diabetic or circulatory issues, your feet are constantly endangered. Your body has trouble identifying foot pain, which removes the pain trigger that usually serves as a warning signal. That means foot injuries can be life-threatening.

With these thick, cozy slippers, your feet will constantly be protected. And if you're in pain, these slippers help tackle it at the source. This makes walking around easier and provides increased mobility!

5. Improve Blood Flow

With a decadent pairing of silky suede and fleece, these orthopedic slippers are a treat for your feet.

This combination keeps your feet cozy and warm while improving circulation to your appendages—always a challenge in the winter months! Good circulation helps your immune system, improves mobility, and increases overall comfort.

Investing In Your Health

Orthopedic slippers are more than a cozy piece of footwear while you sip your morning coffee. Instead, they are a powerful tool to improve your health.

From increased mobility to great arch support that helps realign your spine, our slippers have what it takes to help you out. Check out our stock today!

Unisex Orthopedic Moccasin Slipper Camel