Top Walking Tips to Help Seniors Reach Their Daily Step Goals

Top Walking Tips to Help Seniors Reach Their Daily Step Goals

Posted by Apex Foot Health on 3rd Aug 2023

Studies show that walking for seniors can help maintain a fit mind and body.

Most seniors want to increase their steps but don't know where to start.

You don't need a lot of willpower to meet daily step goals - you just need a few strategies up your sleeve.

Here's some of our favorite walking tips, from seniors like you. Get reading and enjoy these simple steps!

Find a Walking Buddy

Two women walking outside together

Meeting your step goal is easier (and goes faster) when in good company.

Senior citizen walking strategies work best with built-in motivation. Choose a senior walking partner who will push you to get outside daily.

Your partner can walk with you every day or touch base with you to see if you're meeting your step goals.

Look for a walking buddy with similar step goals. If you want to walk several miles a day, a partner only walking a few times a week might hold you back.

Turn Errands Into Exercise

One of our best walking tips for seniors: finding opportunities to walk during your daily errand runs.

If you like to visit the farmer's market, take a lap around the market. If you like shopping, park a ways away and do some window shopping.

Even smaller tasks, like getting the mail, can become exercise opportunities. Put on some walking shoes and walk around the block before getting the mail.

Put gardening tools out of the way and take multiple trips between gardening steps. Walk down to the neighbors',

instead of driving by to say hello.

Take Walk Breaks at Work

Businesswomen taking a walk outside

Whether you work a traditional 9 to 5 or spend your time on creative projects, you can add steps into your routine.

Try walking while brainstorming for creative work. You'll get more steps in without even thinking about it!

Take a quick walk on your lunch break, even if that means snacking on-the-go. Walk to the water cooler (or kitchen, if working around the house) in the mornings. Senior citizens walking on their breaks notice less fatigue and more productivity.

Plan Progressive Meals

Do you enjoy going out to eat with friends and family?

When you go out to eat, spread out your meal into multiple stops. Have an appetizer at one place, and then walk to another dining spot for the main course.

If you tend to eat smaller meals, you can try a quick bite at a restaurant and then move on to tea or coffee at a cafe down the street. Many cafes include shops you can explore for extra steps.

Find Your Pace

Don't stress too much over how many steps you take. A thousand steps at a brisk pace is good; so is several thousand at a lower intensity.

Your pace should require some effort, but you don't have to power-walk. It's ok to go slower than someone training for a 5k, as long as you are moving.

In fact, walking can be about as effective as running, just with less stress on your joints!

For a full-body workout, get to a pace where you can talk some, but not sing. That pace will work your whole body without risking injury or burnout.

Walking Tips: One Step at a Time

Close up of couple wearing Active Bolt and Active Breeze shoe

Exercise doesn't have to be stressful. The more you move, the less tempting sedentary life becomes.

Our walking tips work best with the right  foot support. Check out our Men's Active Shoes and Women's Active Shoes for shoes that will keep you comfortable, while you Stay Active!